That's what it came down to for me. The 5 questions I had to wrestle with to move forward as a new season opened up for me. Do you feel like I did?

you are living on cruise control, and giving in to the fear of change and lack of confidence

you feel disconnected from your life that seems to have moved on without you

you have what I call "spendable wisdom" -a contribution that others need from you and a dream that is worth pursuing- but you are feeling stuck

If you answered "yes" then the 5 questions in this FREE Guide will walk you through a mindset shift that will help you ...

  • unclutter your mind of negative self-talk
  • get rid of the noise of others' opinions
  • determine where you are now in life,
  • and where you dream to be next
  • recognize the obstacles holding you back

XOXO Valerie

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